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University of Montana - Volleyball
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 What camps are for me?

Check Out→ K - 4th Grade 4th - 8th Grade 9th - 12th Grade
Basic Serving Youth Camp #1, #2 or both! Advanced Camp
Elite Camp
Basic Serving Advanecd Serving
Basic Attacking Advanced Attacking
Basic Attacking Setters Camp
Libero / DS Camp
  • I have never played volleyball before… check out our Youth Camp, Basic Attacking and Basic Serving!
  • I have played volleyball but want to expand my skill range… check out our Advanced Camp, Basic or Advanced Attacking and Basic or Advanced Serving!
  • I have been playing volleyball for a while and am looking to take my game to the next level. I like a challenge… check out our Advanced Camp, Advanced Serving, Advanced Attacking/Setting/L or DS Camp, Elite Camp.
  • I am looking for an experience with my high school team… check out our Team Camp!